It Went Off With A Bang

Look at me returning to this place after all this time being MIA. Well, there is a lot to tell you all. I’ll give you the salient points until I get chance to fully update you on my latest ventures.

I’m so over the married guy and since the split I’ve not looked at a married man. I’ve been looking at lots of single guys though.

I got a promotion at work which means I’m slightly better off than I was and can now get out and about a little more. Watch out guys here comes Kirsty.

Gina found out about my affair and quite surprisingly she was very understanding and supportive of me. She even took me out for a meal to cheer me up. In fact since I confessed she has been totally different with me, more relaxed and open.

Confession time. I’m developing a bit of a liking for her if you know what I mean. She’s been the focus of some of my fantasies lately, clit flicking to thoughts of her are helping me get through yet another dry spell.

Anyway up, that reminds me I need to get this flat tidied. Ooh, I nearly forgot to tell you. We both went to a bonfire party last night and met a couple of guys. They just left.


It All Went Tits Up

I’ll start this post with an apology to you all for abandoning you for someone who really wasn’t worth it. Ok, I’m so over him now but at the time I felt hurt, let down. It’s my own fault I should have known better.

I do that you see. Fall head over heels, put in 110% and then watch them take advantage of that.

Sorry, I’m off loading on to you all but I don’t really have anyone else to discuss this with. After all Steve was forbidden fruit and I just had to take a bite didn’t I.

Why do I always end up being the bloody victim?

I didn’t even tell Gina he was married. She would probably been judgemetal and I don’t want the hassle. Which makes it harder to talk to her about this, she doesn’t really know the full story.

Without elaborating too much the bastard used me and then returned to his wife. More fool me. I won’t be so gullible next time. And married men are off the menu for a while.

Right, enough of this moaning I’m back.

My Illicit Relationship

I’ve not been around for a while, sorry about that. Real life just got in the way of me coming here and talking to you. It has been a bit of a whirlwind for me this last few weeks. Things have changed, changed a lot.

Through work I have met someone new. Someone who makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him. I had to share this with you because you deserve an explanation for my absence from this blog.

We will call this guy Steve rather than his real name because he is married. I know, I can’t help the way I fee about him. I would normally give a wide birth to an attached guy, certainly not allow him to enter my erotic thoughts.

But he has.

Until a couple of weeks ago I was single an carefree now he fill my waking hours. I’ll tell you more later I need to get some sleep.

Kisses to you all.

New Toys On The Horizon?

I went in to town at the weekend and ended up going in to Ann Summers for a bit of a look round. Remember I told you that my rabbit died. Not a real one the one I use on myself.

They have some pretty good things in there and I spotted the perfect replacement for Roger but I’m having great difficulty justifying my purchase. You see it is the rabbit or a new top for the barbie I’m going to at the weekend.

What would you do?

Anyway in the meantime, I’m looking around the Internet and I found a great site for toy reviews and they also have a kind of sex toy draw as well. What else could I do. I joined it must be kismet. Or something with a funny name.

I just need to ask myself one thing, Kirsty, do you feel lucky.

Sore Down There

I’ve been trying to fend off my dreams by a regular regime of masturbation. At least every other day, sometimes more. Last night I think I overdid it a bit. My left lip is stinging and I think it’s because I rubbed it dry the third time I was rubbing one out.

I suppose I ought to use a bit of lube if I’m going in for a frig-fest again. Anyone know of a good cheap one?

Anyone know of a good trouble free man for that matter.

I might pop out tomorrow and invest in a new vibrator. I pulled my old one out after several months neglected in the bottom of the draw and it’s stopped working. That was a bit of a disappointment.

Gina’s Doing My Head In Again!

You know how I said that Gina and me were getting on. Well I take it all back.

She really pissed me off last night. I got home late from work and could hear her in the bathroom. I got us both a coffee and took it along the corridor to the bathroom. She was shaving her legs in the bath. I put her coffee on the end of the bath and chatted to her while she carried on shaving.

She had a T-shirt on and a thong for convenience. It allowed her to shave right up into her crotch. I was so absorbed in watching her tug her panties into the centre of her pussy so she could get past her bikini line that it took me a couple of minutes to realise that she was using my razor.

I knew it was my razor, but I asked her if it was. She tried to act all cool about it but eventually came out with “Oh, yeah you’re right …”. Fucking cheek. She offered to replace the blades but that’s not the fucking point I mean, was she going to put it back in the bathroom cupboard and not tell me?

This is the sort of thing that gets me really pissed off by her.

Bad Dreams And Bad Girl Dreams

I split up with my last boyfriend months ago. Probably about three months. I try not to think about it too much because I like having a steady man and hate the hassle they cause too.

It’s been too long. And do you know why? Because last night I had one of my dreams. It wasn’t about a guy fucking me, or even a whole rugby team. It was about Gina.

I’m obviously still pissed off with men, the last one was a real bastard, especially when I told him that we were finished. He made out like it was my fault that he was always “working late” when I wanted to see him. I got suspicious and maybe I shouldn’t have jumped to the conclusion that him avoiding me meant he was up to something. He got too defensive when I fronted him up and that pissed me off too much.

So, like I said, I’m pissed off at men and had the Gina dream. It isn’t always Gina, though since living with her it’s been more about her than anyone else.

It’s very simple. I’m asleep on a weekend morning, I know it’s the weekend because I know I don’t have to get up for work. Gina brings me a coffee so I know it’s a dream because she never brings me a coffee but I go with it.

She puts the coffee down on the table next to my alarm and starts chatting. I can’t tell you about what, shit, it’s a dream. Then she slips her hand under the duvet and starts playing with my tits. I can’t see what she’s doing but I can feel my nipples being squeezed and my tits being squeezed.

She stands up and I suddenly notice she’s naked. Don’t ask, it’s a dream. Gina then slips into bed beside me and I woke up.

I was really turned on by the dream. When I woke up I thought I’d wet myself until I got my head into shape and put the bits of the dream I remembered together. The dream doesn’t normally stop there, if it’s a man or a woman that brings me the coffee we usually get down and get it on.

Fuck I need a shag, that’s what the dream tells me.


A little about me because if you are going to be reading about my daily life as a single girl you need to know me, obviously some things I will keep to myself for the sake of being anonymous. The reason for the blog’s name, it’s my favourite position either with girls on boys.

I’m a thirty something girl who works a nine to five job in the capital, nothing too exciting but it pays the bills.

I share a flat with another girl who for the sake of this blog I will refer to as Gina. It is the only way I can afford to live in London and now we know each other we get on, unlike in the early days we wound each other up something rotten.

I’m blonde 5’ 6” with a slight build and an ample chest which I inherited from my mother. This seems to help me on the man front but things have been a bit dry recently so I’m venturing out in cyberspace to meet some like-minded friends for fun and chat.

Well that’s enough about me. How about you? Is there anybody there?